Poultry Farming

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Country Chicken Farming(Nati Koli)
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Japanese Quail Farming
Land requirement-0.5 acres/5000 Birds
Rearing  System –Deep litter
Commercial styrains-Djras,Vencob,Hubbirds,Anac 2000,Ubro
Space required-1 sft/bird
Cost of Housing-Rs.200/ Sft
Labour requirement-1 Labour /2000 Birds
Batch Interval-52 days(42 days rearing+7 days cleaning)
Number of Batches per year-07
Average weight of Bird at sale-1.8 kg
Feed consumption per Bird-3 kg/Bird/batch
Diseases to be cared for:Ranikhet disease,Gumborro Disease(IBD)

Vaccination Schedule

Sl No Age Vaccine Route
1 7th day Ranikhet F1 Eye Lid/Nostril
2 10th day Gumborro(IBD)Intermediate Eye Lid
3 21st day Gumborro(IBD)Intermediate Drinking water
4 28th day Ranikhet Lassota Drinkingwater

Land requirement-0.5 Acres/5000 Birds
Rearing System-Peep Litter/Cage
Commercial Strains-White Leg Horn-Bovof High line,Highsux dilact,Lachcock
Space requirement-Deep Litter-2 sft/bird,cage-0.75 sft/Bird
Labour Requirement-1/2000 birds
Feed Requirement-1.8 kg/12 egg Production
Number of eggs produced-320/Year
Feeding Mash-chick Mash-0-8 weeks
Grower mash-9-20 weeks
Layer Mash-21-72 weeks
Diseases to be cared for-Mareck’s,Ranikhet,Gumborro,Infectious Bronchitis,Fowl Pox

Vaccination Schedule

Sl.No. Period Disease/Vaccine
1 1st day Mareck’s HVT Vaccine
2 7-10th day Ranikhet F1 or Lassota Vaccine
3 21st day Gumborro IBD Vaccine
4 28-30th day Infectious Bronchitis Vaccine
5 5-6th week Ranikhet  Lassota Vaccine
6 7-8thweek Fowl Pox Vaccine
7 10-12th week Ranikhet  R2B Vaccine
8 40th week Ranikhet  Lassota Vaccine


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