goat 200Training : Our institute is imparting training to the participating entrepreneurs in sheep & goats farming based on the following parameters.

  • Introduction to the sheep & goats farming
  • Housing and infrastructure
  • Breed selection and breeding aspects
  • Feeding and nutrition
  • Health coverage
  • Fodder plots development
  • Management aspects
  • Economics of sheep &goats farming
  • Marketing
  • Practical exposure to sheep &goatsfarming managemen
  • Banking and loan assistance details
  • Insurances facilities information

Consultancy : We undertake consultancy on sheep & goats farming on the following aspects.

  • Assistance in procurement of land suitable for sheep & goat farming
  • Designing and construction of type designed sheep &goats shed, which are scientific, cost effective and affordable.
  • Development of fodder plots procurement of seeds and seedlings.
  • Procurement of farm equipments like feeders/watercress/chaff cutters/brush cutters/tractors/generators / tags. Irrigation equipments like sprinklers, drip, rain guns etc.
  • Selection and procurement of different breeds of sheep &goats both local and exotic breeds
  • Consultancy in health coverage including vaccination, deworming etc., by veterinary professionals
  • Insurance facilities to sheep & goat in collaboration with reputed insurance companies.
  • Preparation of bankable project report for establishing sheep & goat projects
  • Assistance in providing bank loans for establishing sheep & goat project
  • Buyback facilities for sheep & goats (optional)
  • Silage making – we provide complete knowledge about silage making process
  • Preparation of organic manures

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