Agriculture now a days is unable even to return the investments towards inputs and thus is not a profitable venture to the Farmer.Urban Youth employed in various sectors are working under pressure because of the mechanized life and stressful working atmosphere.Therefore many Farmers and self employed persons are looking at an alternate source of income where they can be independant and work without any stress and also enjoy a good health along with a very good wealth. No doubt many have shown interest towards Sheep & Goat farming because of low investment, wide adoptability, low management needs, quick pay offs & low risk involved, but due to lack of proper information and lack of proper advice and planning many are following a wrong practice.In adition, Dairy Farming,Buffaloe Farming,Poultry Farming –Layer,Poultry Farming-Broiler,Piggery Farming,Country Chicken(Nati Koli) Farming,Japanese Quails Farming,turkey Farming,Duck Farming,Integrated Farming,ETC.help the Farmer to boost the income level.

Hence the mission is to empower the interested entrepreneur’s by giving a boost to their dream by imparting systematic technical training on commercial / economical / viable Sheep & Goat farming and other Animal Farmings & there by to inculcate confidence in them to fulfill their dream.To encourage the entrepreneurs to engage themselves in large scale Sheep & Goat farming and other Animal Farmings&Integrated Farming aiming to fill the large gap existing between the demand & supply in the Indian market.To enhance the socio-economic condition of the farmers by imparting scientific knowledge and make them adopt scientific and systematic method in sheep & goat farming and other Animal Farmings&Integrated Farming & these make agriculture a more productive and profitable venture.To promote Organic Farming with Animal manure towards healthy food production void of pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

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